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Police to investigate smart meter ‘sabotage’

Police to investigate smart meter ‘sabotage’

HARTFORD, Conn. – Police said Monday morning there is evidence of sabotage at the Smart Meter Offices, and that it is being investigated as a crime.

“We have very little information. There’s some electronic equipment installed but there’s no evidence of any tampering,” said Hartsfield Police Sgt. Mark H. Siegelman.

Siegelman said the suspects told police that there was an electrical problem inside the office where the thieves were located. There wasn’t, but the same thing could happen inside other locations that have Smart Meters around the country, Hartsfield Police said.

According to the criminal complaint against the suspects, the thieves also threatened to plant a propane gas leak in the building, but weren’t sure if that plan was being considered, the criminal complaint said.

“This is def바카라사이트initely a good start,” said the victim of the Smart Meter theft, James G. Buell, 38. “The only thing missing was the money.”

The incident happened late Monday on East 4th Street. The victims were outside in their vehicles when the alarm went off and a woman yelled: “A Smart Meter, sir,” according to the criminal complaint.

Another person in her vehicle saw the woman’s SUV pull up behind them, the complaint said.

When the woman’s husband, John C., pulled over to the side of 4th Street, he saw his wife’s car open the door, the complaint said.

When John C. Buell and his wife got into the passenger seat of John’s SUV, he saw the woman’s two-year-old son sitting on the back seat, who started screaming, “The Smart Meter is not on!”

As the woman’s son squirmed in the seat, John pulled over to help John, according to 바카라the complaint.

When the daughter turned around, the suspect was sitting there wearing a hoodie, a white hoodie and dark pants. She was wearing a long black dress, she wore sunglasses and hair tied up with a bra, according t더킹카지노o the complaint.

Buell was not injured, but he said his mind was still racing, so he ran to the parking lot.

The suspect left the car in the middle of the street and drove away without leaving any money, the criminal complaint said.

The victim took the vehicle to New Hampshire Transit, a local bus service, where an employee called police.

The case is no

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