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About mdbp’s page on web

About mdbp’s page on web.

mdbp’s email

email: mdbp at gmail.com

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. mdbp can also be found on our mailing list:

(See th우리카지노e above comments, too.)


The code written for mdbp is open source and may be distributed for other purposes, see the open source website for details.

Authors and other contributors

My name is Michael J. Stoddard, the main author of this project. I have developed a variety of things related to Perl (including the META perl module), while others 바카라사이트have come up with Perl solutions, such as JSCore (JSCore is essentially a rewrite of mdbp’s web page) or WebLint. For convenience, I am providing all the above-mentioned people as names. I am especially interested in people who hav우리카지노e expertise in web-based software and/or Perl/JSCore (or web and Perl software that makes use of JSCore, such as W3C HTML and HTML5, OLE, etc.) I am proud to say that both mdbp and the JSCore HTML and XML library is freely available for anyone to use as written in a variety of ways.

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