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Union accuses bhp of sparking three day strike at Mumbai’s Karwar (AFP)

Union accuses bhp of sparking three day strike at Mumbai’s Karwar (AFP)

BHP Billiton, the world’s largest iron ore miner, which had suspended its operation in Mumbai’s Karwar district after four days of strikes, has backed down, amid protests by workers against poor wages and working conditions.

The firm says it cancelled the strike due to problems with workers’ union administration in the district.

“We have reached out to BHP Billiton and our union representatives to understand their position. We cannot comment any further than that at this stage,” said BHP Billiton spokesman Ajay Choudhary on Wednesday.

On Monday, workers from several unions struck, sparking a massive two-day shutdown by police forces. Police used tear gas and water cannon to clear protesters off some streets and closed the entire road into the district.

Karen Jena, a former member of Mumbai’s National Federation of Red Crescent societies, the state’s main labour union, said: “It seems they are afraid that they will be blamed as being responsible for this decision as it is so late for them to explain why they are now giving their backs.”

On Tuesday, the government confirmed that the shutdown was to “avoid any loss of life, injuries or property damage to private businesses and residences”.

The strike has been linked with우리카지노 worsening working conditions at the power p우리카지노lant, where hundreds of workers have been on strike since June.

BHP Billiton has yet to comment on the claims that its suspension was in revenge for strikes at the power plant and Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) over unpaid wages and sick pay of its drivers, as also to explain why the company is now taking strike action.

BHP Billiton, which makes $3 billion a yejarvees.comar from the Karwar iron ore fields, employs more than 5,000 people.

BHP said the strike, a sign that the firm’s workers were being treated unfairly, was in response to “a variety of issues… including increased pay, poor working conditions and low productivity.”

“We know that a majority of our staff are happy with their jobs and we support their right to choose their career,” the company said, adding that it was “not necessary to explain how or why workers are affected or why they believe it is necessary to take action against us”.

BHP Billiton has faced a string of protests over its activities in the district in recent months, and has said that the protests were carried out “against the corporate, political, medi

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