Riot Control Unit

Riot Control is a dynamic and agile requirement which, due to way we operate, we are perfectly equipped to handle. Our event and crowd control services will ensure your event is as safe as possible, ensuring strict compliance with your legal obligations.

If you are planning a large event, you are legally required to ensure the safety of visiting crowds. This includes organising and implementing security measures, such as crowd control and stewarding. We specialise in security services such as these at Mavee Security, and can provide a wealth of expertise in all event safety laws and can remove the burden of crowd management from the event organiser.

Large-scale events vary from concerts and festivals to sporting events and agricultural shows, and our crowd control services are perfect for all. We promise optimum safety levels for staff and visitors and supply a range of security equipment, including crowd barriers, temporary fencing and cable ramps, as well as highly trained stewards and security guards.

We have a wealth of experience providing security services for events across South Africa Whatever the event we can help, so please simply get in touch with our team of professionals at Mavee Security today for more information.